【英語小説|書評】『Memories of Midnight』 by シドニー・シェルダン

今回はシドニー・シェルダンの『Memories of Midnight』のレビューです。

『The Other Side of Midnight』の続編で、17年後の1990年に描かれた作品です。

こちらだけ読むことも可能ですが、背景等理解できないところがあると思うので『The Other Side of Midnight』を先に読むことを強くお勧めします。

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『Memories of Midnight』の概要

MEMORIES OF MIDNIGHT - The internationally best-selling 'The Other Side of Midnight' was dominated by the man who is Sheldon's most magnificent creation…

'Constantin Demiris'
Billionaire, art lover, womaniser…and killer. To Noelle, the woman who betrayed him, and Larry, the man who stole her, Demiris brought a chilling retribution. But Demiris’ terrible revenge is far from complete…

'Ioannina, Greece'
In the seclusion of a remote convent a young woman emerges from the trauma of memory loss…

'Catherine Alexander'
Larry’s widow, sees Demiris as a benefactor, the man who restores her faith in the future. How can she know the fate he has in store, or that her life is bound up with other victims of his mighty ego? From the exotic shores of the Mediterranean to post-war London, 'Memories of Midnight' is a passionate, unforgettable story of an innocent woman’s fight against a terrifying destiny
In this deadly game, there can only be one winner…If Judd is to survive he must play the game to win.
This is Sidney Sheldon's first novel – a gripping, intense thriller that brought him fame as a bestselling novelist.

本作品は前作『The Other Side of Midnight』でのLarryとNoelleの裁判の後、記憶を無くしたCatherineにDemirisが接触するところから始まります。



『Memories of Midnight』のおすすめ度

『Memories of Midnight』の評価


前作と合わせて一つの作品と考えていただく方が良いと思うので、『The Other Side of Midnight』→『Memories of Midnight』の順番で読んでいただければと思います(『The Other Side of Midnight』の終わりがスッキリしなさ過ぎるので...)。

【英語小説|書評】『The Other Side of Midnight』 by シドニー・シェルダン






以下『Memories of Midnight』に出てくる表現のピックアップです(自分が実際に使えそうなものなどを適当に選んでいます)。

His motto was “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.




I’ve given it some thought,” Demiris told her.

“I have offices in London. You once worked for a man named William Fraser in Washington. Do you remember that?”



I’m alive, she thought. No one is born happy. Everyone has to make his own happiness. I’m a survivor. I’m young and I’m healthy and wonderful things are going to happen.




He measured his words carefully. “I think Costa is going to try to kill you.”

Melina was staring at him, open-mouthed. “You’re joking.”

“No, I mean it, Melina.”

“Darling, Costa is a lot of things, but he’s not a murderer. He couldn’t …”

“You’re wrong. He’s killed before.”

Her face had gone pale. “What are you saying?”

Costa is a lot of things」はイメージはつくものの、なかなか上手い日本語にするのが難しい表現だなと思いました。




『The Other Side of Midnight』とセットで一つの作品と考えていただく方が適切なので、『The Other Side of Midnight』を読み終えた方は是非こちらも読んでみてください。

前作だけ読んでスッキリしなかった人も、『Memories of Midnight』まで読むことで「これだよこれ!」とシドニー・シェルダン作品に期待している読み心地を得ることができるかと思います。